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COVID-19. Never before has a pandemic locked down half of humanity. And you’re alive to witness it.

UCLouvain is a cutting-edge research university throwing all its weight behind the quest to understand, test for, and treat the COVID-19 virus. At the same time, university researchers are anticipating what may prove to be the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and addressing the psychosocial toll of both the pandemic and the measures to control it.

By supporting UCLouvain’s fight against COVID-19, you help us address four research priorities:
  • health and medical advances;
  • manufacturing medical equipment, such as ventilators;
  • analysing and acting on economic consequences;
  • mental health and well-being in an age of confinement and social distancing.
The crisis is unprecedented in its dual impact on health and economic survival. Only an immediate and sustained response will overcome it. Please join us. Choose where your money goes: pick a priority. Your support will amplify the impact of our clinical, applied, economic, and psychosocial research. In other words, it will support the science that will see humanity through.

Be more than a witness. Be able to say you acted.

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